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East and Central China Ensure Women's Distribution Rights on Homesteads
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-9-30-
Title: East and Central China Ensure Women's Distribution Rights on Homesteads
Author: Xie Wen
Release Date: 2018/9/26
Keyword: China, Women's Distribution Rights, Homesteads

The Office of Land and Resources of southeast China's Jiangxi Province recently issued a guidance on the registration of the right to use rural residential land and collective construction land, and made requirements and specifications on protecting the rights and interests of rural women on homesteads.

The opinions made clear provisions on dealing with the problems left over from the registration history of rural housing sites, the registration of the right to use collective construction land, and the actual handling of the problem of "one household, multiple housing lands."

Regarding the remaining issues of the registration of rural housing sites, the opinions require that the eligible rural collective members' homesteads should be registered in accordance with the law, in order to ensure the reasonable housing needs of the villagers, gradually solve historical issues, and expand the license registration coverage.  

Before this, Jiangxi Women's Federation and the Provincial Office of Land and Resources jointly issued the Notice on Ensuring the Legal Rights and Interests of Women in the Registration and Issuance of the Right to Use Rural Homesteads, which requires officials to protect the homestead rights of women and farmers from the source.

Officials were also required to protect women's rights and interests in the practice by cracking down on the resolutions of villagers' representatives or villagers' meetings, township regulations and so on, to guarantee women's equal enjoyment of homestead rights.

The women's federation of Ruzhou City, in Pingdingshan, central China's Henan Province, joined hands with the local agricultural bureau and formulated the Guidelines for the Definition of the Membership of Rural Collective Economic Organizations in Ruzhou City in the process of implementing rural collective property rights system; and clarified relevant principles to further carry out the protection of the interests of groups such as women and children.

It is reported that the Pingdingshan Women's Federation (PWF) also issued a notice requesting the county and district-level women's federations to coordinate with the agricultural sectors, to learn about the actual situation and interests of rural women, and collect opinions and suggestions to ensure that women won't be disqualified from collective economic organization membership because of their marriage.

Meanwhile, the women's federations are required to focus on encouraging towns, townships, subdistricts, villages and communities to creatively carry out work in all aspects with the guidance of typical cases, summing up experiences in a timely manner, and actively promoting demonstration and dissemination.

They also required women's federations at all levels to widely publicize and broaden awareness among rural women to increase their participation rate, paying attention to the main demands of women of different identities on the reform of collective property rights system, and coordinating relevant departments to protect the rights and interests of rural women in the reform of the property rights system.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure the proportion of women on the board of directors and supervisors of collective economic organizations, strengthen cooperation with the agricultural department, complaints office, civil affairs bureau and justice bureau and actively provide governmental mediation and judicial remedies while fighting against violations of the basic national policy of equality between men and women and violations of women's land rights.

For rural women's demands arising from the distribution of a collective income, women's federations should conscientiously and responsibly work with relevant departments to properly resolve conflicts; and village-level women's federations should actively play the role of women's councils and fully protect women's rights and interests.

Moreover, the PWF also submitted a letter to the Municipal Agricultural Bureau, suggesting that after the completion of land-recognition work in the city, it is necessary to ensure the issuing of rural women's land confirmation certificates, and arrange relief measures or solutions to the violation of the equal rights of rural women.

PWF also suggested to require all counties (cities, districts) to fully consider the actual situation of rural women in terms of the distribution of collective members' rights and interests, formulate local implementation plans and regulations, and fully listen to the opinions of women and cadres of relevant departments of the women's federations to guarantee the rights and interests of rural women are well implemented.

Previously, Henan Women's Federation had required the women's federations at all levels to actively participate in the reform leadership group and effectively implement the constitutional principles and basic national policies for equality between men and women, and ensure the equity of women. At the same time, they also demanded that women's ideological work be efficiently carried out to better secure women's rights and interests.

(Source: Translated and edited by Women of China)
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