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Expert: E-commerce Helps Women Balance Entrepreneurship, Family
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-10-17-
Title: Expert: E-commerce Helps Women Balance Entrepreneurship, Family
Author: Liu Yanmei
Source: China Women's News
Release Date: 2018/10/11
Keyword: E-commerce, Women, Entrepreneurship, Family

The Internet and e-commerce can greatly enhance women's ability to balance entrepreneurship and their family life, according to a recent article by an expert from the Party School of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Shandong Provincial Committee.

The development of the Internet and e-commerce has changed buyers' behavior and habits, says author Hou Yi. This also provides more favorable conditions for women to start businesses online.

In the traditional business world, gender bias exists, while in the virtual space of “de-gendered” e-commerce, the traditional gender division of labor is broken, enabling female entrepreneurs to better grasp the balance between family and career.

According to the “M” curve in economics, female labor force participation rates have the characteristics of a steady life cycle.

During this cycle, the labor force participation rate of women aged from 15 to 20 rapidly increases, forming the first peak.

After the age of 20, women gradually withdraw from the labor market due to marriage and childbearing, and the rate declines, forming the first low point;

When their children grow up, around age 35, the participation rate rises again, forming a second peak.

Later, after the age of 50, the rate follows a downward trend.

Usually the biggest difference between male and female entrepreneurs is that women must be versatile: they need to not only focus on business but also take care of their families.

This means that women who take on more responsibilities and spend more time in their marriages and families are spending "relatively little" time on entrepreneurship, compared with men.

However, e-commerce startups bring more possibilities for women to balance work and family.

For example, telecommuting female entrepreneurs can play the role of mother whenever their children need help.

Flexible workplaces, working hours, and fewer behavioral and emotional limitations at work can reduce both the work and family stress of female entrepreneurs.

Modern women are much more highly educated, more aggressive, and more focused on career prospects and their future.

Internet-based e-commerce startups provide favorable conditions for women to start businesses in terms of access to capital, information, social networks and other family support.

E-commerce is a virtual and open social platform, and everyone can sign up for it for free, which makes the initial investment of women's e-commerce businesses relatively small and the family economic burden is relatively light.

According to a survey, although 80 percent of grassroots women wish to start e-commerce businesses, many of them still find it hard to begin due to lack of awareness, ability and conditions.

The advantages of female-led e-commerce entrepreneurship are in line with the development direction of entrepreneurship under the internet background at present. These advantages have theoretical and practical significance for balancing entrepreneurship and the family.

Therefore, we should strengthen training for female entrepreneurs. For women who are just starting out at e-commerce, we should focus on enhancing their marketing skills.

We should also provide more in-depth and professional training in management skills, financial management, brand building and other aspects for women in e-commerce who have achieved a certain level of development.

As for females who are outstanding in the industry, the focus should be to provide training on brand management and risk management to provide necessary support for the sustainable development of their career.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)
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