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Survey: Parents' Participation Key to Success of Family Education
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-10-23-
Title: Survey: Parents' Participation Key to Success of Family Education
Author: Liu Yang
Source: China Women's News
Release Date: 2018/10/21
Keyword: Survey, Parents' Participation, Family Education

Closer interaction between parents and children is a determining factor in the success of family education and youngsters' academic performance, according to the latest survey.

The results of the survey were released on September 26 by three institutes under Beijing Normal University and the China Education Press Agency.

The research was conducted among around 110,000 fourth-grade students, 70,000 eighth-grade students and 30,000 teachers from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

It was designed to find out more about development and prominent problems in China's family education and to provide policymakers with references in the formulation of relevant rules.

According to the study, nearly 40 percent of fourth-grade students surveyed said the most important thing in their life is having a loving family, while the percentage is even higher for eighth-grade students, at 49.4 percent.

Many polled students said the people they respect most are their parents.

About 25.1 percent of fourth-grade students and 21.8 percent of eighth-graders admitted that their parents seldom sit down and talk with them in daily life. Meanwhile, 22.5 percent of fourth-grade students and 21.2 percent of eighth-grade students revealed that their parents show no interest in what happens in their classes or schools.

In addition, roughly 80 percent of polled students in the fourth and eighth grade said their parents are most concerned about their academic performance, followed by physical health (66.6 percent for the fourth-graders and 66.5 percent of the eighth-graders) and safety (62.2 percent for the fourth-graders and 52.2 percent for the eighth-graders).

However, the study also indicates that many parents seldom read books with their children and help them in the completion of assignments.

About 33.5 percent of fourth-grade students and 65.4 percent of eighth-grade students explained that their parents seldom take part in parent-child reading activities. Nearly half of polled students in two grades revealed that their families own fewer than 25 books.

Moreover, 33.3 percent of fourth-grade students and 48.3 percent of eighth-graders noted that their parents have shown no or little interest in extending a hand to them in academic studies.

Researchers called on parents to hold more talks with their children, provide them with timely assistance, set up a good example for them, and acquire more knowledge as well as skills related to family education.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)
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