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SW China Women's Federation Innovates in Resolving Domestic Disputes
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-10-23-
Title: SW China Women's Federation Innovates in Resolving Domestic Disputes
Author: Liu Xiaochen
Release Date: 2018/10/22
Keyword: Women's Federation, Resolving, Domestic Disputes

The women's federation of Chengkou county, in southwest China's Chongqing municipality, has greatly innovated approaches to resolve domestic disputes, contributing to the harmony of local communities, according to officials.

The approaches have combined the mediation of family disputes with enhancement of safety, consisting of three main parts.

First, Chengkou Women's Federation (CWF) has made efforts to resolve disputes from the source and place emphasis on prevention, fully utilizing the function of village-level women's federations.

CWF has built over 560 law popularization stands, 434 rights protection sites in Women's Home and Children's Home centers in the region, as well as 206 mediation offices for family disputes in villages.

The federation has also regularly carried out publicity events to raise awareness of laws and regulations, provided dispute mediation services and organized related social activities targeted at women and children.

Some 118,000 women and 60,000 families across the region have benefited from these activities so far. During important events such as Women's Day (March 8), Anti Domestic Violence Day (November 25), and National Legal Awareness Day (December 4), CWF has launched series of events promoting awareness concerning laws, regulations and the protection of women and children.

Second, members of executive committees of village-level women's federations have been directed to visit local households to spot disputes in a timely manner and help resolve issues at an early stage.

Third, the federation has established a multi-faceted mechanism for the mediation of disputes. In recent years, it has worked with local public security organizations, leveraging all available resources in handling domestic disagreements.

So far, the federation has enlisted 2,266 officers who have handled 258 cases of family disputes working with relevant departments.

The establishment of a multi-faceted mechanism for the mediation of disputes is vital for the harmony and safety of the society, said a spokesperson. CWF will continue to innovate and build a more effective and practical mechanism for solving family disputes.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)
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