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'Men Less Sporty than Women': Insiders Discuss Report Findings
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-11-16-
Title: 'Men Less Sporty than Women': Insiders Discuss Report Findings
Author: Xie Wen
Release Date: 2018/11/5
Keyword: Sporty, Women, Insiders, Report Findings

Several insiders recently shared their comments on a report published in the British medical journal The Lancet indicating that Chinese men exercise less than women.

According to the report, though Chinese people are generally active in sports, 16 percent of Chinese men were identified as "underactive", compared to 12.2 percent of women.

Bai Zhibiao, a journalist of Guangzhou Daily stated his doubt about the report and the composition of the sample group, since the age and occupation of respondents were not revealed at the same time.

Tang Weihong, vice-president of People's Daily website, believed that the number of women participating in sports is indeed increasing rapidly.

She also supported her view by sharing her experience of taking part in the Beijing Marathon in September. But she failed to give an accurate judgment of whether women sports lovers outnumber men in the absence  of statistics.

Hu Lijun, a researcher of China Institute of Sport Science, thought that the number of Chinese men participating in sports is definitely higher than that of women.

According to the data from the Chinese Athletic Association (CAA), male participants dominated at over 1,100 domestic competitions last year; and the women in official events of the CAA accounted for only 27.16 percent.

However, Hu agreed that the number of women participating in sports and fitness in the past years has been rising fast.

In addition, Tang  suggested that  a thorough investigation be taken in acquiring statistics on domestic sports and fitness groups, by using the big data platform to obtain a more accurate statistical result, which is also an advisable reference for the government and the business to formulate measures for national fitness.

Hu revealed that the number of males participating in sports at a certain age is decreasing. For example, when men turned 50, or even younger, they will gradually shy away from sports because of work and family reasons, for example, taking care of children.

As for the social influence of such a phenomenon, Bai believed that women's habits of loving sports will be more conducive to children; and the mother's attitude is often critical to children when choosing and maintaining their interests.

According to Tang, the core role of women in families can drive other members into sport. Furthermore, women are more likely to share stories about fitness and sports through social media, and post selfies on social platforms to reflect their physical condition and the pursuit of a healthy life, which can form a positive social influence.

In addition, women can also contribute to the consumption of this aspect. According to China Women's Consumption Survey Report in 2017, the proportion of female employment in urban areas is nearly 70 percent, meaning that urban women have independent economic sources and stronger power of consumption.

Data provided by Chinese online retailer shows that in just under a year, the number of female users purchasing a full set of running equipment has increased by 1389 percent.

In Hu's opinion, women's physical condition will directly affect the health of the next generation, thus exercise is the best way to keep fit, relieve stress and avoid depression. He also agreed that women's interest in sports can be a positive demonstration and example for children.

He also mentioned that the increase in the number of women who love sport is more important than males for the enthusiasm of the entire female population to participate in sports and the related consumption and other behaviors.

(Source: Translated and edited by Women of China)
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