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E China Province Makes Progress in Women, Children's Affairs
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-12-20-
Title: E China Province Makes Progress in Women, Children's Affairs
Author: Liu Yang
Source: China Women's News
Release Date: 2018/12/17
Keyword: Progress, Women, Children's Affairs

Three cities in east China's Jiangsu Province have made noticeable achievements in the building of mother-and-baby rooms since 2016, as well as integrating family education into curricular programs and promoting women's startups, say local officials.

Recently, the province organized a 10-person delegation to visit Nantong, Suzhou and Zhenjiang to follow the progress of key issues related to women and children and assess the implementation of major objectives stated in the region's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) for economic and social development.

Baby-care Facilities

Suzhou Women's Federation (SWF) has taken the lead in regulating and accelerating the building of mother-and-baby rooms in public places in the city.

So far, Suzhou has set up 146 such rooms and rest rooms to fully guarantee women's breastfeeding rights in public places.

When the supervisory delegation visited a mother-and-baby room in a shopping mall in Nantong, they found it equipped with special tables for infants, a hand basin, water fountain, a dressing room, baby products and many other useful items.

Family Education Courses

The delegation also went to Suzhou Tian Jiabing Experimental Junior Middle School, which has incorporated family education into its curricular programs similar to many other local schools.

Xie Jianhong, president of SWF, said the local government has invested over 40 million yuan over the past three years to finance the implementation of family education initiatives in primary and secondary schools.

The scheme includes the compiling of textbooks, the training of teaching staff, the cultivation of professional social organizations, the recruitment of volunteers on campus, and the building of online and offline platforms for parents to take part in family education, as well as parent-child activities.

The initiative has received an enthusiastic response from local students and their parents, say officials.

Starting Businesses

Women in Jiangsu have shown their strong willingness to initiate their own business venture and many tailored platforms to promote the development of female entrepreneurship have been founded.

Women account for over 60 percent of store owners in Xijindu, an ancient commercial street in Zhenjiang, for example. The street has become a model incubation center in Jiangsu for local women to pursue their own innovation and startups ideas.

Meanwhile, Suzhou has also brought further progress to Zhenjiang in the construction of women-oriented entrepreneurial bases.

Statistics show the government of Suzhou have provided 13,395 women with assistance in their startups and released entrepreneurship subsidies of 284.65 million yuan in the process over the past three years.

(Source: China Women's News / Translated and edited by Women of China)
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