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Chinese-Australian Assemblywomen Appointed Financial Minister
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-9-14-
Title: Chinese-Australian Assemblywomen Appointed Financial Minister
Source: Chongqing Evening News
Release Date: September 13, 2010
Keyword: Penny Wong, Financial Minister

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced last Saturday the list of new cabinet members, among them Chinese-Australian assemblywomen Penny Wong, who has been appointed Financial Minister.

Penny Wong

Penny Wong was born in Kinabalu of Malaysia on Nov 5, 1968. Her father is Chinese-Malaysian and mother is Australian. Wong immigrated to Australia with her parents in 1977. She says her father attached great importance to children's education, and that he instilled in her his own life view that included a strong impression of Chinese Culture. Wong says her grandmother taught her how to be strong-minded and brave and her mother how to be kind and humorous.

Dignified and beautiful, young and talented, Penny Wong is famous for her courage and wisdom in politics. She became the first Chinese woman senator and minister of the Labor Shadow Cabinet Department of Employment, in her own right and at an early age. As the first Chinese women in the Congress of the Union, Penny Wong's successful experience has been brought into the focus of mainstream Australian society and the Chinese community.

A former minister of the Climate Change and Water Resources Department, Penny Wong is the first-ever Chinese cabinet minister, and her appointment as Australian Financial Minister came as a surprise to the Australian media. As Wong believes Australia's prosperity is closely linked with its relationships with Asian countries, she has made improving Australian-Chinese relations a personal project.

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