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Ban Optimistic about Antipoverty Summit, 139 Leaders Expected to Attend
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-9-14-
Title: Ban Optimistic about Antipoverty Summit, 139 Leaders Expected to Attend
Source: iStockAnalyst
Release Date: September 13, 2010
Keyword: MDGs,139 heads of state

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on Monday expressed optimism about the upcoming summit on the eight-point antipoverty Millennium Development Goals, which 139 heads of state and government are expected to attend.

''The MDGs are difficult and ambitious, but doable,'' Ban said in a press conference, noting that the outcome document has already been agreed for adoption at the summit slated for Sept. 20-22.

''A simple yet crucial message runs through the text: the goals can be achieved,'' he said.

The MDGs, formulated in 2000, are set out to be achieved by 2015. The goals include reducing extreme poverty by half, tackling childhood mortality and achieving universal primary education.

Many poor countries around the globe, Ban explained, ''have made enormous progress'' and the world ''is on-track'' to halve poverty in the next five years, which he called a ''tremendous achievement.''

At the same time he said that many countries ''are falling short'' of attaining some of the goals, especially in Africa.

''Our challenge is to put our resources where they will have the greatest impact -- education, jobs, health, smallholder agriculture, infrastructure and green energy,'' he noted.

Ban said the summit is ''meant to propel us forward for the next five years'' and that the high turnout is indicative of strong support from the international community.

''Time and again, whatever the issue, we have seen the difference that high-level political engagement can make,'' he said. ''In this race against time, we all have promises to keep.''

Ban also addressed other issues that would be part of the agenda for the 65th annual General Assembly debate that starts at the U.N. headquarters on Sept. 23.

On the sidelines of the yearly event, high-level sessions are scheduled to take place among the world's top leaders on issues including, Haiti, Myanmar, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation issues will also be addressed as Ban is convening a high-level meeting aimed at revitalizing the Conference on Disarmament, which he said is the world's single multilateral disarmament negotiating forum.

Ban said he hopes the meeting will ''help break the logjam'' in the conference that has stagnated for more than a decade.



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