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First National Congress of Chinese Women
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-12-2
Title: First National Congress of Chinese Women
Keyword: first National Women's Congress, Chinese women

China's First National Women Congress took place from March 24 to April 3, 1949, in Beijing.

 This was the first nation-wide women's meeting in China’s history. More than 500 women representatives of democratic parties and of various religions from liberated districts, KMT dominated districts, frontier provinces and other parts of the world attended the congress. Mao Zedong met with all delegates and wrote the inscription for the assembly: "To increase production, fight for democratic rights!" Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and Ren Bishi also wrote inscriptions for the event.
The congress took place on the eve of the victory of the Chinese people’s revolution. The meeting summed up the role of Chinese women in the war of resistance against Japanese aggression; included exchanges of experience among working women; discussed and formulated the policy and tasks of the Chinese women's movement; formally established the All China Democratic Women’s Federation as China's highest governing body of women's organizations, and elected its executive committee members and alternate members. The congress also reviewed the work report delivered by Deng Yingchao-Report on the Current Policy and Tasks for Chinese Women. The congress adopted the Resolution of the Current Policy and Tasks of Chinese Women and the Charter of the All-China Democratic Women’s Federation. He Xiangning was elected as Honorary President; Cai Chang as President; and Deng Yingchao, Li Dequan and Xu Guangping as Vice-Presidents.

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