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Gender Theory
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-12-7
Title: Gender Theory
Keyword: Gender Theory, women, feminism

Gender Theory originated in the U.S. in the 1960s. It developed with the practice of the feminist movement and guided the movement as its core belief system. It has now evolved into Western academic study as an important analysis category, and gradually formed a number of gender analysis frameworks applied in many projects and in the formulation of public policy.

Generally speaking, gender theory requires: (1) perceiving gender from an evolving standpoint. People develop gender conceptions through their family roles and parent-child relationships, and they change according to social culture. (2) seeing women as agents of development. Gender theory proposes that women are equal to men within social development. Women should therefore be independent in spirit and form equal partnerships with men (3) opposing the women's studies and women's issues in isolation.

Gender theory proposes women's issues should be studies of social roles and power structures that are shaped by both men and women. (4) focusing on analyses of the different impact of policies or projects on men and women.

The task of gender theory is to deconstruct male discourse and re-examine and define male-domination in a bid to deconstruct existent unequal gender relations and reconstruct social relations and systems.

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