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Gender Analysis Framework(4)- Gender Analysis Model
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-12-7
Title: Gender Analysis Framework(4)- Gender Analysis Model
Keyword: Gender Analysis Model, gender differences, community

The Gender Analysis Model is the result of cooperation among Parker development project staff. It is applicable to all predicaments arising from shortages of time, funding and information and low rates of literacy.

The objective of the model is to make community-based analyses of gender differences to identify the effects of interventions on men and women. It encourages and mobilizes community members to engage in the analyses and recognize and reconstruct their own gender conception. The model is applicable to the community team. Analyses at the early stage can be made with the help of development workers. As time goes on, community members will become capable of making their own analyses.

The Gender analysis model hinges on three important principles. First, that gender analysis knowledge comes from the masses; second, that gender analysis experts act as facilitators, not as analysts; third, that people should participate in and conduct their own gender analysis. The model includes two basic tools. Tool 1 comprises a 4-level analysis of the effect of development interventions on men, women, families and communities. Tool 2 is analysis of the four factors as labor, time, resources and culture.

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