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Gender Analysis Framework(5)- Capacities and Vulnerabilities Analysis,CVA
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-12-7
Title: Gender Analysis Framework(5)- Capacities and Vulnerabilities Analysis,CVA
Keyword: Capacities and Vulnerabilities Analysis, emergency intervention, relief work

The Capacities and Vulnerabilities Analysis (CVA) was developed through various Harvard University international relief and development projects.

The aim of the framework is humanitarian emergency intervention and dealing with possible disasters. It is a work development model for emergency relief work.

The CTV framework is built upon two core concepts. The first is that of ability, and describes the capability of individuals or groups in relation to their material, physical and social resources,   beliefs and attitudes. The second is vulnerability, with regards to factors that undermine the human strength necessary to cope with disaster or emergency situations, and that hinder effective response. The framework consists of two tools. Tool 1 analyses capacity and vulnerability from the standpoint of physical and material, social and organizational strength; motivation; and attitude.


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