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Gender Analysis Framework (6) - Women's Empowerment Framework
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-12-7
Title: Gender Analysis Framework (6) - Women's Empowerment Framework
Keyword: Women's Empowerment Framework, equality, women’s issues

The Women's Empowerment Framework (Women's Empowerment Framework) is the brainchild of Longway Gender and Development Consultants.

The framework proceeds on the premise that women’s empowerment, by elevating women to a status equal to that of men, equips them to take part in the development process and so achieve equality with men in control over the means of production. Its emphasis, therefore, is on the significance of women’s empowerment and women’s equality. The framework is designed to help planners of development projects to assess the extent of women’s empowerment and hence women’s suitability for development projects.

The framework consists of two dimensions. The first comprises progressive empowerment in five ascending levels; from welfare, to resource utilization, to participation, to awareness, to control over resources. This hierarchy constitutes a basis on which to assess the extent of women’s empowerment in any area of social or economic life. The second dimension identifies the three levels within project design of recognition of women’s issues, ascending from the negative to neutral to positive level. This approach helps to determine the relationship between project objectives and women and the problems therein that exist for women.

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