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Gender analysis framework (7) - Social Relations Analysis
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-12-13
Title: Gender analysis framework (7) - Social Relations Analysis
Keyword: social relations analysis

The Social Relations Analysis approach is co-founded by Dr Naila Kabeer of the Development Institute, Sussex University, certain policy makers, academics and social activists。

The framework imbues a strong sense of socialist feminism. It analyses existing gender inequalities with regards to resources and allocation of responsibilities and raises policies and programs designed to help women voluntarily to develop. The framework adopts concepts rather than tools to analyze relations between people and people, people and resources and people and various activities. It explores ways of restructuring these relationships through the social systems that dominate the state, market and community.

Social Relations Analysis consists of five core conceptions. Conception 1 is development. It believes there should be benefits for humankind besides those of economic growth and improved productivity. Conception 2, social relations, describes the five specific types of structural social relations, namely, rules, events, resources, and power. Conception 3 analyses the four key systems pertaining to market, community, family/relatives and, depending on the specific needs of a particular project, international community. Conception 4 is that of institutionalized gender policy, under three categories according to extent of gender issue recognition. They are: policies that are gender-blind, gender-aware or gender-redistributive. Conception 5 is an analysis of the direct and underlying reasons for systems; it differentiates on a system level among direct, indirect as well as structural factors and reveals their current, medium-term and long-term results

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