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Main content of the basic state policy on gender equality
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-12-13
Title: Main content of the basic state policy on gender equality
Keyword: basic national policy, gender equality

The basic gender equality policy defines relations between the two genders. It includes provisions on: 

(1) Respect for gender differences
    A policy of pursuing gender equality on the premise of recognition of and respect for gender differences. We need to change unequal gender relations that are determined by the power relations between men and women. 

(2) Policy preferences that protect the rights and interests of women's development and meet women’s needs at different levels.
    Owing to historical and practical factors, inequality and imbalance exists between men and women with regards to their respective share in resources. The government is responsible for formulating policies that favor women and give prominence to the protection of women’s rights to develop. 

(3) Promote cooperation between men and women; common development
    Men and women are interdependent; neither side can remove itself from existing gender relations, or singly change gender relations to either equal or unequal.

(4) Give full play to women’s potential and creativity
    Implementation of the basic state policy of gender equality will enable women to benefit from economic development, and also facilitate women's participation in the process of economic and social development. Women should have the same rights and status as men and also accept equal obligations and responsibilities.

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