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Positive Measures
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-12-13
Title: Positive Measures
Keyword: active measures, special measures

 The positive measures concept is translated from abroad, and corresponds to the English terms "Positive Action" (Europe) and "Affirmative Action" (USA).

The “Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women" so defines positive measures:

Article four

1. Adoption by States’ Parties of temporary special measures aimed at accelerating de facto equality between men and women shall not be considered discrimination as defined in the present Convention, but shall in no way entail as a consequence the maintenance of unequal or separate standards; these measures shall be discontinued when the objectives of equality of opportunity and treatment have been achieved.
2. Adoption by States’ Parties of special measures, including those measures contained in the present Convention, aimed at protecting maternity shall not be considered discriminatory.  

Positive measures are designed to ensure equal opportunity and treatment for vulnerable groups (including women). They constitute compensation justice, which means compensation for past and existing inequalities. Positive measures cover various fields of economy, politics and social development, such as small loans to women and the quota system in politics; positive measures are temporary rather than permanent, as in women's political participation. As temporary measures the function of positive measures is to ensure an appropriate number and proportion of women in political institutions.


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