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Marxist Outlook on Women
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-12-13
Title: Marxist Outlook on Women
Keyword: Marxist views, women

The Marxist Outlook on Women is a scientific analysis and generalization of such fundamental issues as the evolution of women’s social status, women’s role in society, women's social rights and the means to women’s liberation. It is an aspect of the Marxist theoretical system. Its main contents comprise the following discussions:

First, the oppression of women as a social phenomenon began at the point in human history where private ownership and class antagonisms deprived women of ownership of the means of production, confining them to the home and reducing them to little more than men’s appendages. Equality between the sexes will prevail under the new historical conditions. 

Second, the extent of women's liberation mirrors the natural scale of emancipation in general. In a society based on private ownership, women’s oppression is an aspect of class oppression exerted through a socio-economic system that reinforces the social and political plan which infiltrates human consciousness. Women's liberation, therefore, can occur only through the social liberation of all oppressed peoples. 

Third, participation in the social production of labor is an important prerequisite for women’s emancipation. Human status within the community and family is determined by their part in social production. Engels pointed out: "As long as women are still excluded from social production rather than being restricted to the family’s private labor, then the emancipation of women, women's equality with men, present and future, are impossible.”

Fourth, women's liberation is a long historical process. It is constrained by the relations of production, or rather of productivity. The overthrow of the oppressive social system and establishment of a state power governed by the people fundamentally guarantees women's liberation and gender equality. But achieving de facto gender equality through de jure gender equality need much more work. 

Fifth, women play a main role and are as deeply involved as men in advancing human history and creating a social, material and spiritual civilization. They hence deserve equal dignity, rights and status. Respect for women and protecting them is a main  signifier of social progress.

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