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Elite Summit of China's Businesswomen
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2011-2-22
Title: Elite Summit of China's Businesswomen
Keyword: Elite Summit of China's Businesswomen

Elite Summit of China's Businesswomen (CFBES), headquartered in China's economic center of Shanghai, is a non-governmental conference organization operated by municipal and authoritative institutions and headquartered at the China Economic Center in Shanghai. It holds high-level annual meetings celebrating successful business women at each year end. The purpose of the meetings is to build a communication platform for prestigious business women leaders across the world and promote their profitability.

Since 30 years of reforming and opening up to the world and the 60 years foundation of the country female entrepreneurs are always a force to be reckoned with in the business world.
The 2009 China Businesswomen Summit was held in the Shanghai Grand Hyatt Hotel and the Shanghai International Conference Center from 20th Nov. 2009 to 22nd Nov.2009. The summit followed two main themes: "Expo Business Opportunities bring Investment Chances to New Shanghai" and "Soft Words Win Hard Hearts-The Insights of Business Women between Crisis & Challenge".
The CFBES 2010 Elite Summit of China Business Women convened in Shanghai on December 17 under the theme Changes in Women’s Power over Past Decades -- Trends of the Times.
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