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Women Making Achievements Campaign
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-7-29
Title: Women Making Achievements Campaign

In 1991 ACWF launched the "Women Making Achievements" Campaign in urban China with Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China and other 11 ministries. Presently, twenty-five ministries are involved in the campaign, which provides social services and promotes the development of women, by encouraging women workers, self-employed women and laid-off women from all walks of life to take part in studies and professional competitions. For 15 years, the campaign has mobilized the enthusiasm of urban women to make achievements at their own posts, and encourage laid-off women workers to start new careers. The campaign, in essence, has promoted the development of the economy. To date, more than 40 million women have participated in the campaign. Some 30 million women have received either certificate training or professional training. Some 4,700 work groups have been honored as "Model Groups of Women." Some 210,000 of them have been recognized as "Model of Women Making Achievements" above the county level.
The main initiatives include:
1) Helping women start their own careers or become re-employed. The ACWF has helped women start their own careers or become re-employed with the general principle of overall planning of rural and urban areas, stressing career building and employment, the integration of importing and exporting labor, and developing training and services. The ACWF has worked to ensure women's career building and re-employment are parts of the overall development plan, and the federation has cooperated with government agencies to issue the recommendations on the improvement of education and training for urban and rural women to improve their employment and re-employment. Three objectives of "Two millions" were formulated in the "10th Five-Year Plan" (2001-2005), namely, training two million laid-off women, providing employment consultations to two million women, and assisting two million women start careers or become re-employed. The national demonstration bases for career building was established,  the training of "Start Your Business" for women has been provided; a revolving fund has been established to help women start their own businesses; information of suitable businesses for women has been distributed; experiences on business "incubators" and small loans for women have been popularized; and information centers on re-employment have been set up in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to provide information on recruitment, training, projects, credit, consultations and legal services. Since 1998, women's federations at all levels have made full use of their advantages and trained 5.86 million laid-off women, and helped 2.6 million women either be re-employment or start their own businesses;
2) Establishing the "Model Group of Women." The program, "Model Group of Women," is an extension of "Women Making Achievements." It is aimed at working women, with the idea of serving people at the core, and the establishment of new professional trends as the objective, to encourage women to make achievements at their posts, through training and professional contests. Since its inception, it has received a positive response from women in all walks of life, and an increasing number of units have participated in it. Presently, there are 460,000 "Model Groups of Women" nationwide, which have become a brand name for women's work in urban areas; and
3) Implementing the "Community Service Program for Women." In 1999, the ACWF, with the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, launched the "Community Service Program of Women." It has developed remarkably, with the establishment of a complete service network and the expansion of service fields. It has strengthened service management and helped build the brand of "Family Service for Women." The work of women in communities has been combined with the establishment of the "civilized community" and "civilized city." Through the various community service and activities, such as "qualified services to households" and "Chinese Women on the Internet" the number of people involved in women's community service has expanded, many service enterprises that benefit people have been established, and leading women entrepreneurs have emerged during the activities. Since 2000, nearly 30,000 community-service enterprises composed mainly by women have been established, which have effectively promoted the construction of communities and community service.


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