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What is Sino-US Women Leaders Exchange and Dialogue?
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2012-5-14
Title: What is Sino-US Women Leaders Exchange and Dialogue?
Keyword: What is Sino-US Women Leaders Exchange and Dialogue

After the Sino-US Cultural Exchange of High-level Consultation Mechanism was established in Beijing, beginning in 2011, "the Sino-US Joint Statement" signed by the two heads of states, put forward that both sides would take practical steps to strengthen cultural exchange.They pointed out that both countries were actively exploring the strengthening of the role of women in societal communication and discussion.

On April 12, 2011, during the Second Sino-US Cultural Exchanges of High-level Consultations, held in Washington D. C., State Councilor Liu Yandong and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jointly announced the launching of "Sino-US Women Leaders Exchange and Dialogue." Women's fields were formally incorporated into the Sino-US cultural mechanism. It marked the fact that the Sino-US Women Exchange had entered a new stage of development.

"Sino-US Women Leaders Exchange and Dialogue" was aimed at enhancing the two countries'  women's mutual understanding and friendship, promoting all women's, especially women leaders', exchange, dialogue, and cooperation, and discussing the most pressing problems, mutual learning, and drawing lessons from the women's movement of good practice and experience, and jointly promoting women's development and progress, to make a positive contribution to the development of relations between the two countries.

Since April 2011, the Sino-US Women Leaders Exchange and Dialogue has developed into the Sino-US Cultural Exchange of High-level Consultation Mechanism, both sides in rotation jointly conducting four dialogues in the two countries, with the different themes of women and the economy, work and family, women and employment, women and charity.

The All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) and the State Council Office for Global Women's Issues of the United States reached a consensus in the following five areas of cooperation: strengthening the Sino-US high-level female leaders' dialogue, promoting the Sino-US understanding and communication in gender equality between organization and research Institute/university, developing industry/occupation female leaders exchange, sharing knowledge and experience, carrying out various female leader training, and supporting public-private sectors to develop women empowerment projects.

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