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Title: Symposium on "Family Harmony, Social Progress and Gender Equality" Held in Beijing
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Keyword: Symposium, Family Harmony, Social Progress, Gender Equality

The 2014 symposium of the Chinese Women's Research Society opened in Beijing on May 21. It was co-sponsored by Chinese Women's Research Society, China Association of Marriage and Family Studies, Women's Studies Institute of China and ACWF (All-China Women's Federation)'s Legal Department. Its theme is "Family Harmony, Social Progress and Gender Equality".

Chairperson of Chinese Women's Research Society and former President of the ACWF (elected in 2008) Chen Zhili attended the meeting and delivered the key-note speech. In her speech, Chen said that families in society are like cells of creatures, which play important roles, adding that a harmonious family is conducive to the development of civilization.

Women play important roles in families and families are one of the focuses of a women's federation's work, added Chen.

Chen stressed that women's federations should have good knowledge of a family's demands and work hard to serve every family.

Chen added that Chinese Women's Research Society should conduct profound research on new types of families in the 21st centaury and study family issues concerned with gender equality.

During the meeting, Fang Gang, one of the few male delegates, and director of Gender Study Institute of Beijing Forestry University, said that good men's personalities are conducive to building a harmonious family, adding that men should be encouraged to develop good characteristics, like bravery and being decisive, warm-hearted and tender.

Song Xiuyan, vice-president and first member of the Secretariat of the ACWF, presided over the symposium. Over 200 experts and scholars from the ACWF, universities, institutes and research bases of women/gender studies attended the symposium. They will discuss issues on the status, features and change of China's marriage and family, law and policies on marriage and family, the concept and approach of constructing a harmonious family, the influence of mass media on a family's harmony and women's development, and family-oriented social work research.

Peng Peiyun, former president of the ACWF (elected in 1998), and honorary president of the Chinese Women's Studies Institute, also attended the symposium.

The meeting will last from May 21 to 23. Its aim is to commemorate the 20th anniversary of International Family Day. Meanwhile, the meeting also aims to promote the research and practice of issues on family in today's China and strives for a friendly social environment for family harmony and gender equality. 
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