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Subject: ACWF VP Suggests Combining Family Education into Public Services
Category: 国内
Time: March 10, 2015
Source: Women of China
Keyword: two-child policy, Zhao Donghua, family education, public community services
Full text:
Family education should be incorporated into public community services, according to Vice-President and Member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women’s Federation Zhao Donghua, who raised the suggestion at an interview with journalists in Beijing on March 5.

Speaking at a press conference to coincide with the country's recent meetings of its top political advisers, Zhao, who is also a deputy to the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), said: "Nowadays, many families face severe difficulties and have pressures in nursing children, with the increasing demand of services guidance for family education, which can not satisfy the general families’ needs.”

“After the implementation of the two-child policy, families will face much more pressure in nursing and cultivating children. So the government should urgently put more into resources and offer them more public services and support," she added.

Zhao says she believes that family education is one of the three pillars of the national education system. It not only determines children’s growth and development but also the quality and the future of the nation. Therefore, she suggested that the government should call on people from all walks of society to accelerate in building an all-round service system to improve the education quality within China's families.

She also proposed that the Ministry of the Civil Affairs should speed up establishing policies for the benefit of families and children. Furthermore, she recommended that the family education guidance system and the construction of public places should be included in the outline of local areas to optimize and integrate public service resources on the basis of communities, and to relieve parents’ pressure of nursing their children.

In the past few years, the State has paid close attention to make policies, and to invest money and public services in the matter, the official told the reporter. She commented that President Xi Jinping had recently stressed that family construction is an important part of family education, as was specified in his speech at the Spring Festival celebration party in 2015.

"Incorporating family education into the public community service system and building a guidance institution for family education are the practical ways to develop basic public services," concluded Zhao.
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