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Subject: Integrating Women and Children's Public Services into Government Procurement Agreements
Category: 国内
Time: February 9, 2017
Source: Gender Study Network
Keyword: Gong Mingzhu, Anhui women's federation, public services, women, children, the elderly, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, CPPCC, women's social organizations,
Full text:
Gong Mingzhu, vice-president of Anhui Women's Federation, appealed to authorities to integrate public services related to women and children into government procurement agreements to enable these vulnerable groups to enjoy more benefits from social reform and development.

"With the development of society, a series of social problems related to women, children and the elderly have been witnessed, but public services for such groups have not yet been included in the scope of government procurement," said Gong, who also serves as standing member of Anhui Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

The official added that current women's social organizations providing public services are tiny outfits with little experience and ability in meeting personalized demand.

Regarding Anhui Women's Federation, Gong suggested the government prop up women's social organizations and provide them opportunities to participate in government procurement services, with a view to promoting the development of projects related to women, children and family services.

Gong hoped that the government could take full account of women and children's personalized and diversified demands and integrate projects, including women's entrepreneurship and employment training, family dispute mediation, family education guidance and care for poverty-stricken groups into government procurement agreements.

The official also emphasized that women's social organizations should strengthen their supervision of projects transferred from government, and improve service forms to enable organizations to carry out their work effectively.
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