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Subject: Local CNDCA Committee Tables Social Security Improvements against Backdrop of Two-Child Policy
Category: 国内
Time: February 7, 2017
Source: Gender Study Network
Keyword: China National Democratic Construction Association
Full text:
The Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the China National Democratic Construction Association (CNDCA) urged the government and relevant departments to introduce effective measures to improve the social security system against the backdrop of the two-child policy.

The two-child policy, as a major adjustment of China's population-control policy, is intended to help address a series of problems, including the ageing of the population, a shrinking labor force, and the slowing economic development nationwide.

After facing a number of problems in job searching, personal finances, and childcare, many new mothers eligible for a second child are thrown into a dilemma: whether or not they should have a second child. According to a recent sample survey, around 32 percent of women said they don't want to have a second child.

The Jiangxi Province Committee of the CNDCA proposed a series of measures to improve the system of social security. These measures included the following:

- Increasing investment in obstetrics and gynecology hospitals, children's hospitals, and outpatient pediatrics departments.

- Providing free premarital, pre-pregnancy, and reproductive health examinations.

- Integrating neonatal screenings into public health subsidies or offering social security benefits.

- Increasing investment in childcare facilities and services so as to meet the rising demand for early childhood education.

- Urging the government to perfect relevant policies and regulations to safeguard women's fertility and employment rights and help women achieve a balance between career and family.

- Improving the maternity insurance system and implementing maternity subsidies and a maternity leave system.

- Implementing a landownership tax relief system for two-child families purchasing houses, with a view to reducing fertility costs for them.
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