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Subject: Local People's Congress Deputy Advises Improvement of Gender Structure of Teachers
Category: 国内
Time: Jan 23, 2017
Source: Shanxi Evening News
Keyword: gender structure, male teacher, female teacher
Full text:
Cai Zhuanyun, a deputy to Shanxi Provincial People's Congress, suggested that the local government should attach great importance to teachers' gender structure imbalance problem at the Yangquan group meeting of the 7th session of the 12th Shanxi Provincial People's Congress on January 15.

Cai said that the imbalance between male and female teachers has become a major problem affecting students' physical and mental development and restricting the development of education.

According to a recent survey conducted in Yangquan, a small town in north China's Shanxi Province, male teachers have accounted for only around 11 percent of all newly recruited teachers for three years in a row.

In addition, the gender structure imbalance between male and female teachers also leads to a threat to male students' masculinity and their psychological endurance capacity, Cai added.

The deputy suggested that the local government should take effective measures to improve teachers' welfare benefits and their social status. She also urged the local education departments to increase the proportion of male students who study in the normal universities with free tuition.

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