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Subject: Amended Chinese Marriage Law Offers Protection from Illicit Debt
Category: 国内
Time: March 1, 2017
Source: China Plus CRI English
Keyword: Chinese Marriage Law, rights protection, illegal debt, Article 24
Full text:
China's Supreme Court has made a pair of additions to Article 24 of the country's Marriage Law, reports China Daily, changing the way debt disputes are handled following a divorce.

According to the new rules, 'fake debt' or debt involving illegal activities such as gambling or drugs are not to be burdened on one spouse following divorce if the debt was incurred by the other.

"Fake debt" refers to a situation where a person colludes with a third party to fabricate debt as part of a ploy to force their former spouse to pay the debt after the divorce.

Article 24 of the Marriage Law has been controversial ever since it took effect back in 2004.

It stipulated that all debt incurred during a marriage was the responsibility of both parties, even after a divorce.

Divorced persons could be exempted from the debt only by proving that the debt belonged solely to their ex-spouses.

According to an investigation conducted last year, women accounted for more than 87 percent of those who were forced to pay the debt for their ex-spouses due to Article 24 of the Marriage Law.

For many of these women, their ex-husbands had a gambling addiction.

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