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Subject: The Historical Practice of Women's Land Rights Under the Leadership of the CPC
Category: 国内
Author: Fan Hongxia
Time: May 24, 2017
Keyword: Women's Land Rights, CPC
Full text:
The protection of women's land rights is the consistent mission of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which is also an important part of women's movements and work under the leadership the Party.

The CPC has made great efforts to safeguard women's land rights and interest in different historical periods, ensuring rural women's economic rights to a certain extent, promoting the process of women's emancipation and playing a key role in encouraging the females to participate in the Chinese revolution and construction as well.

I. Formulating the relevant laws to ensure women to enjoy the equal land rights

In 1928, the 'Jinggangshan Land Law' was first enacted by the CPC, laying the basic legal evidence for women to enjoy the equal land rights. Afterwards, the land laws in 1931, 1947 and 1950 emphasized that women should enjoy the equal rights to land allocation. Moreover, the land rights of women who got a divorce and remarriage were also highlighted in the marriage laws, which were enacted in 1931 and 1934.

II. Attaching great importance to the protection of women's land rights and interests

From central authorities to local governments, women's land rights has been always attached great importance in the past land reforms.

III. Paying attention to investigations and publicity of women's land rights

The investigations of women's land rights are important prerequisites for targeted protection and settlement of women's legal rights.

For instance, Chairperson Mao Zedong once made an investigation of women's land allocation in Xunwu, south China's Jiangxi Province in 1930.

Revolutionists Cai Chang and Deng Yingchao also carried out surveys during the period of China's War of Liberation from 1945 to 1949, learning the practical problems in the land reforms and enhancing people's understanding and supports for the Party.

Moreover, the CPC also carried out a series of activities to publicize women's legal land rights so that every Chinese farmer can fully understand the importance of guaranteeing women's land rights.

IV. Adhering to the mass lines and attaching importance to women's roles

The CPC insisted on the mass lines, emphasizing women's key role in land reforms and encouraging women to achieve independent economic status and join in the ranks of workers after the reforms.

V. Measures should be taken to ensure the implementation of women's land rights

The CPC emphasized that women's land rights should be reflected in land certificates, adding women's names on the land certificates. In addition, the Party also urged the committees at all levels to take practical measures to protect women's land rights from the traditional concept of 'men are superior to women'.

VI. Enlightenment and Significance

The attitude to women's land rights showed the CPC's consistent behavior and mission in the protection of women's legal rights and interests. Under the leadership of the Party and government, women's institutions, organizations and women's cadres played significant roles in protecting women's legal rights.

Furthermore, women's interests should be considered while formulating relevant laws and regulations, especially for widows, married women and those who get a divorce.

The publicity work and women's empowerment should be also strengthened in the protection of women's land rights in line with the central work of the CPC and the state.

In addition, the relevant authorities should call on women to participate in land reforms and industrial production so as to enhance women's social and family statuses and achieve the final equality between men and women.
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