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·Review of Contemporary Marxism in Foreign Countries [New Books]
·2008-2010 Analysis of Sex and Gender Events in China [New Books]
·Women's Studies in the Book of Change, the Book of Rites and the B... [New Books]
·To Veil and To Reappear: Gender Politics in Academic Professions [New Books]
·Investigation into Cultural History of Women's Revenge Stories in ... [New Books]
·Problems of and Alternatives to a Rising Sex Ratio at Birth [New Books]
·Study of a Theoretical World Order from a Feminist Perspective [New Books]
·Study of the Gender Wage Gap in China's Cities and Towns [New Books]
·Study in Feminist Culture from the Perspective of an Academic Editor [New Books]
·Study on Women's Leadership [New Books]
·Body Politics: A Hundred Years of Chinese Film Actresses [New Books]
·Study on the History of Chinese Women's Newspapers and Periodicals [New Books]
·For Our Daughters: How Outstanding Women Worldwide Have Balanced Home ... [New Books]
·Appeal to Gender Equality Challenges Development Myth [New Books]
·Gender Politics and Institutional Justice in Contemporary China [New Books]
·Women and International Human Rights Law [New Books]
·Envisioning Women in World History (2 volumes) [New Books]
·Marriage, Family, and Gender Studies (Vol. 1, 2) [New Books]
·The Prosperity and Decline of Prostitutes in the Republic of China [New Books]
·China Female Public Charities Development in 2010 [New Books]
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