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Envisioning Women in World History (2 volumes)
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2012-7-6
Title: Envisioning Women in World History (2 volumes)
Category: New Books
Author: Catherine Clay, Chandrika Paul and Christine Senec
ISBN: 978-7-5432-2045-4、978-7-5432-2052-2
Press: Shanghai People's Publishing House
Publication date: April, 2012
Vector form items: 545 pages
Series Name:
Keywords: Women in World History, from prehistory to present
CLC: 03.07.46;d03.07.47
"Envisioning Women in World History: Prehistory—1500" selects seven cases from different periods and the regions as the main contents, describing women's historical experience from the Eurasian land in 1,000 BC, the ancient Mediterranean World, South and Southeast Asia during the Gupta Empire, the Mayan and Aztec Empires, the Tang and Song Dynasties in China, the Abbas Dynasty, and late-Medieval Europe. The book investigates the situations of women during these times in the most representative manner before modern civilization; and it analyzes their status in the fields of religion, politics, and economics. "Envisioning Women in World History: 1500—Present (Vol. 2)" illustrates the women's historical development process after 1500. By comparing the multiple civilizations in women's lives, health, education, work, class, political positions, based on the similarities and differences of attitude, the author shows us the changes in women's roles and the influences of the development of world history on women since 1500. "Envisioning Women in World History: 1500—Present (Vol. 2)" also explores the interactions between the gender consciousness and historical process and influences of the development of gender consciousness on gender.
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