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Body Politics: A Hundred Years of Chinese Film Actresses
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2013-3-1
Title: Body Politics: A Hundred Years of Chinese Film Actresses
Category: New Books
Author: Zhang Caihong
ISBN: 978-7-5043-6581-1
Press: China Radio and Television Publishing House
Publication date: December 1, 2011
Vector form items: 271 pages
Series Name: female, movie actor, beauty of human body
CLC: 14.07.65
From the perspective of a theory of aesthetics of the body, in different periods of history, with the politics of Chinese female movie star bodies' main forms as its research object, this book combs the centenary of actresses in Chinese film again, dividing the hundred years of history into three periods: early Chinese film actresses, films in the 17 years since new China and the cultural revolution, and Chinese film actress from the new period. From the visual culture of body image to early China female film stars and urban modern Shanghai these eras generated new focal points. After the 1930s with the development of society and the situation of turmoil, differentiation between different groupings of female actresses and changing consciousness; after 1949, looking at new Chinese movies in periods of 17 years and in the ten years during the cultural revolution, political discourse on actresses' body transformations; and since the new period with multiple cultural viewpoints dominating the social context of female movie stars' situations and helplessness. Finally, from domestic, world and visual consumption perspectives, this book interprets Chinese female movie stars as males' culture appendages, secondary sexual identities, and visual consumption objects, vessels of desire in a consumerist society. The point is made the body politics of 100 years' of Chinese female movie stars is an area of ongoing and open further research.
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