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Study on Women's Leadership
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2013-3-1
Title: Study on Women's Leadership
Category: New Books
Author: Jiang Lai
ISBN: 978-7-309-08309-5
Press: Fudan University Press
Publication date: September 01, 2011
Vector form items: 266 Pages
Series Name:
Keywords: Study, Women's Leadership
CLC: 14.07.62
With the emergence of more female leaders all over the world, their influence on social life is expanding rapidly in an unprecedented fashion. Accordingly, a greater focus on women in the field of leadership studies is becoming one of the most important factors in enriching and promoting the organization and development of social leadership. Women's leadership studies are not only the supplement to and perfection of leadership studies, but are deepening and developing progress in the awakening of female consciousness and in the processes of gender equality, equal rights and gender harmony.
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