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Study in Feminist Culture from the Perspective of an Academic Editor
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2013-3-1
Title: Study in Feminist Culture from the Perspective of an Academic Editor
Category: New Books
Author: Qu Wen
ISBN: 978-7-5097-3361-5
Press: Social Sciences Academic Press (China)
Publication date: August, 2012
Vector form items: 297 Pages
Series Name:
Keywords: Womne, Editor, Editing, Study
This book probes feminist culture from the perspective of associated work as an editor. It emphasizes the works and activities of academic editors, and the interactive relationships with women's studies from the perspectives of academic editors. The author thinks a women's studies editor should be a scholar, at least, to be a professional, who is integrated and highly qualified in the women's studies area and editing. The editor also sets out the key points of editorial research which conclude the history of development of women's studies, and deals with certain specific areas, and also sections in their entirety, of women's studies. She also addresses assessment standards and methods in women's studies, their publication and the edit rules of women's studies. This book represents a series of gender research outcomes on aspects of academic monographs concerning women, female education, gender policy, and the construction of a harmonious society; as contributed by academic editors. These works not only show the reader the progress of the theorizing of the editor and his/her speculations about feminist culture, but also display an appeal to us for the culture of construction for feminist editors.
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