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Title Published
·A Brief Thinking on Cultural Education for Prostitutes in Brothel in A... 2017-11-03 16:17
·The Impact of University Experience on Students' Employability 2017-11-03 16:14
·The English Learning Psychology and Teaching Strategy of Art Students 2017-11-03 16:05
·Characteristics of Famous Column Construction of Philosophy and Social... 2017-11-03 16:02
·Study on Sports as a Way of Developing Women's Human Resources 2017-11-03 15:58
·Calendar Posters in 20th Century China: from Consumerism to Chinese Mo... 2017-11-03 15:56
·Comparative Study on Protection of Women's Rights in Land Ownershi... 2017-11-03 15:55
·Images of Chinese Women in the New York Times 2017-11-03 15:52
·From Gender Confrontation to Gender Harmony: Zhang Ailing's Work a... 2017-11-03 15:51
·The National Allegory of Three Women in The Sleeping Princess of South... 2017-11-03 15:50
·The Patron Belief and Elderly Healthy Living of Bai Nationality 2017-10-31 15:55
·Free Competition and Passive Choice:Modern Career Women in Perplexity 2017-10-31 15:53
·To Achieve the Strategic Gender Needs Based on Practical Gender Needs:... 2017-10-31 15:52
·Beyond Feminism:Gender Image Constructs and Consumption under the New ... 2017-10-31 15:50
·Research on the Gender Concepts of Female College Students and Influen... 2017-10-31 15:45
·Rethink on the Construction of Women/Gender Studies Disciplinary 2017-10-31 15:44
·The Legal Nature and Liability Issues of Domestic Service Agencies 2017-10-31 15:43
·An Empirical Research on the Joint Debt after Couples Separated 2017-10-31 15:40
·Fighting Against Women-targeted Violence 2017-10-31 15:33
·Difficulties and Countermeasures of Including Writ of Habeas Corpus in... 2017-10-31 15:00
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