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Title Published
·Humanist Education and the British Renaissance Notion of Woman 2017-08-09 14:22
·Translation: Dialogue Between Feminism and Postcolonialism in Politics 2017-08-09 14:21
·Feminist Movement and Literal Feminine Narration in Contemporary Russi... 2017-08-09 14:20
·Feminist Translation Theory in the Perspective of Philosophical Hermen... 2017-08-09 14:19
·Construction of Gender Identity in English Advertisements 2017-08-09 14:18
·A Study of Gender Variants in Russian and Their Origin 2017-08-09 14:15
·The Incentive Analysis and Countermeasures of Single Parent Families F... 2017-08-09 14:14
·Female Threnody under the Rule of Masculine Authority —— The Analysi... 2017-08-09 14:13
·A Local Sample of Women Education:Research on Suzhou Zhenhua Female Sc... 2017-08-09 14:12
·Modern Chinese Words with Sexual Morphemes “nán / nǚ”(男/女) a... 2017-08-09 14:11
·Rethinking Punishment for Women Who Are Driven by Domestic Violence to... 2017-08-03 11:38
·On the Protection of Children's Rights in China's Divorce Law 2017-08-03 11:37
·Rational Thinking of Monogamy 2017-08-03 11:36
·Practical Predicaments of Women's Cultural Self-consciousness and ... 2017-08-03 11:35
·An Analysis of Social Factors Influencing the Growth of College Women 2017-08-03 11:33
·Research on Conflicts in Female Graduate Dormitories ——Taking A Univ... 2017-08-03 11:31
·Pondering over the Cultivation of Female Innovative Talents in Women&#... 2017-08-03 11:29
·On the Basic Meaning and Construction of Advanced Family Culture 2017-08-03 11:27
·Study on Developing a Family Treatment Model for Marital Infidelity 2017-08-03 11:25
·The Comparative Study on British Council and Confucius Institute 2017-08-03 11:24
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