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Subject: Preliminary Exploration of Local Female Psychology that Construct Cultural Orientation
Author: Hu Yanhong, Wang Xianmi, Ma Yu
Keyword: female psychology, local orientation, cultural factors, gender
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: No.6, 2011
The female psychology challenges the traditional psychology's research perspective and research methods. It has become the impetus of contemporary psychology. This paper put forward that the study of present female psychology lack local orientation, cultural factors and gender perspective. The Chinese female psychology research model has not been established. Through analyzing the relationship between gender and Chinese culture, and understanding the transformation of gender perspective of women, we try to understand the construction of feminine personality from needs of society. Based on the above analysis, the author put forward three points to construct the research on Chinese female psychology. First, it should be based on Chinese culture and native cultural resources should be tapped. Second, we should integrate gender awareness into our research of female psychology. Third, we should pay more attention to the subjectivity of women and promote women's gender awareness. The construction of Chinese female psychology will make people better know gender differences, the psychology of women and relationship between man and women.
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