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Subject: The Development of Women's Universities in Japan and How It Inspired Women's Higher Education in China
Author: Wang Yao
Keyword: Japan, women's university, fine wives and devoted mothers, raison d'etre, inspirations
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: No.2, 2012
Japan began to attach importance to women's education during the era of the Meiji government. Although they were influenced by the international civil rights and feminist movement, women's universities in Japan developed with solid domestic and cultural factors as guiding principles, emphasizing the roles of wives and mothers. After the 1980s, higher education in Japan began to correct this gender bias, reducing the number of segregated high schools. After 2000, the number of women's universities also decreased. The development of women's universities in Japan aimed to improve women's power and leadership, but the far-reaching social significance of female domestic roles should also be taken into account.
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