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Subject: Research on National Spirit Education of Female University Students
Author: Wang Shuyuan, Lan Jianhua
Keyword: female university students, national spirit education, influencing factors, teaching methods
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: No.2, 2012
The education of national spirit is a vital part of the ideological and political education of university students. Owing to the physical and psychological characteristics of the female university students, there are some distinct features of their acknowledgement of the national spirit. For example, compared with male university students, female university students are more likely to lack identification with ideals and beliefs, have a stronger love of traditional culture and hold a more rational value orientation. Various factors, such as an increasingly diversified culture, deficiency in classroom teaching, limitations of the second classroom activities and the penetration of network media, have all affected the education of national spirit. Universities should improve classroom instruction and practical teaching, the construction of campus culture as well as online education and guidance.
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