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Subject: Female Consciousness and Gender Conceptions in Thomas Wyatt's Court Poetry
Author: Wang Jin, Chen Zhuowen
Keyword: Wyatt's court poetry, female consciousness, gender conception, political metaphor, historical meaning
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: No.3, 2012
The gender-related images portrayed during the Renaissance are usually highly appreciated by critics in Europe and the United States. Wyatt's poetry is often considered a fine example of the depiction of masculinity in English literature, embodying the limit imposed on the power of the male by religious reforms and the monarchy. However, unlike other poems, his hymns and allegories show distinct female consciousness and gender conceptions. This article attempts to discuss the issue of women's involvement in politics and the female consciousness as written about by a male poet, as well as the historical meaning of gender-related ideas in Wyatt's court poetry, by interpreting the two kinds of poems.
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