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Subject: A Study of the Hunan Women's Wuquan Declaration: Centered on the Hunan Dagong Newspaper(1921—1922)
Author: Long Jieli Wan Qionghua
Keyword: Hunan women, Wuquan Declaration, Hunan Dagong Newspaper, argument
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: No.4, 2012
During the Republic of China period,the Hunan Dagong newspaper was the most influential and reputable local privately-run newspaper in Hunan Province.The newspaper's report on the Hunan constituent self-government movement in 1921—1922,especially its focus on the Hunan women's action,made the Hunan Women's Wuquan Declaration a focal point for public opinion.As such,a study of the declaration's historical context,arguments and gender conflict,and a historical evaluation of it,would be of great academic value.
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