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Subject: Examining the Concept of Women's Higher Education
Author: Ouyang Linzhou
Keyword: women's higher education, gender culture, gendered subjects
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: No.5, 2012
It is less than two hundred years since women first began receiving higher education,but there are still several opinions on whether women should have higher education,including the "useless theory","affiliate theory","the first theory" and so on.Behind these opinions are such social gender concepts as the differences between men and women and the superiority of men over women.Although the "useless theory" no longer meets with much agreement since the development of women's higher education,the "affiliate theory" and "the first theory" are still to be critically examined.The traditional concept of inequality between men and women still occupies people's minds,posing a problem to the field of women's higher education.
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