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Subject: Advanced Gender Culture and Ways of Popularizing It
Author: Tang Yahui
Keyword: advanced gender culture, culture condensation, ways of popularization
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: No.6, 2012
On the traditional gender culture to reflect,to advanced sex culture was condensed,in order to better reflect the socialist culture,give play to its function.The definition of advanced gender culture can be summed up as equality between men and women with gender harmony as its basis,for the purpose of common development.This definition not only reflects the core values of socialism,but also reflects the common interests and aspirations of both sexes.It has wide applicability and inclusiveness,as well as strong integration and leading force.Exploration of the ways of popularization of advanced gender culture,primarily through the policy guidance,the advanced sex culture air plant;by strengthening the propaganda and education,so that advanced sex culture through well known;properly handle the relationship between,so that advanced sex culture into life.
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