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Subject: Gender Equality, Naturally Attached Costs and Redistribution Policy
Author: Zhu Baiming
Keyword: gender, naturally attached costs, income redistribution policy
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: No.2, 2013
The traditional income redistribution policy,no matter the tax system or the transfer expenditure mechanism,had defects in terms of gender.While the policy measures seemed to be neutral,there were hidden defects of gender inequality behind them.Therefore,the New Redistribution Policy should concentrate on reducing the different gender effects caused by different policies.What is important is that the naturally attached costs need to be shared between men and women,instead of only being shouldered by women.This goal can be achieved through the united efforts of the family,community and government.Additionally,the tax system and transfer expenditure mechanism need to provide enough services and support for families and the community.
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