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Subject: Chinese Women's Political Participation from a Postmodern Feminist Perspective
Author: Yang Jing
Keyword: postmodern feminism, women's participation in politics
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: No.2, 2013
The theory of postmodern feminism subverts the division of women by modern feminism based on physiological gender and asserts that physiological gender is also a kind of social construction,and that woman is the result of the construction of discourse and acquired imitation.It thus deconstructs the theory on women's participation in politics,such as women in politics demonstrate diversity and difference and that not all women have political participation awareness.Unless there is a discourse on women's political participation,the structural position of women's participation in politics should not be necessarily shown as its subject position.All these thoughts again invite deep consideration of the issue of promoting women's participation in politics.At the same time,they can be used as a powerful ideological weapon to promote gender equality in the field of politics.
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