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Subject: To Achieve the Strategic Gender Needs Based on Practical Gender Needs: Theory and Strategy in the Practice of Chinese Women's Development
Author: JIANG Aiqun, TIAN Muran
Keyword: practical gender needs, strategic gender needs
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: 2013 (6)
Moser's gender analysis framework comes from the development and practices of developing countries, which aims to implement strategic gender needs by meeting practical social gender needs. It addresses the actual needs of women in its development plan, and always keeps the development practices under the guidelines of strategic gender needs. China's domestic situation and those of developing countries share many similarities; the practical social gender needs of the Chinese women are difficult to express, and the strategic gender needs can be easily overlooked. So the framework can act as a guide to Chinese women's development. By connecting Chinese women's training and the development of microfinance, we suggest that when using this framework in the women's development practice in China, three points should be paid attention to: 1) gender mainstreaming should be put into the development practice; 2) ensure that women have a voice when investigating women's needs; and 3) in order to help women and encourage them to participate in development, the plan must start by meeting women's practical needs.
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