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Subject: Trouble with Boys or Girls: A Reflection on Women's Rights from the Problem of 'Girls Performing Better than Boys'
Author: GU Xiaohui
Keyword: gender balance, Trouble with Boys
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: No.1, 2014
Over the last two years,the practice of differing admission scores and attracting male students and investments by females has become popular. Despite aiming to balance genders on campus,it actually deprives women of their rights. On the other side,by exaggerating the biological differences Trouble with Boys in Newsweek accused feminism of pushing the US government to pay too much attention to girls in education while ignoring boys' trouble and hurting them. This project has many problems that women have encountered recently. It also proves that although women seem to have acquired some rights,different kinds of inequality linger. Only when people acknowledge and accept the unique value and experience of each gender and construct a harmonious and tolerant social atmosphere can real gender equality be achieved.
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