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Subject: Existentialism in Literary Works by Wang Anyi
Author: SUN Junqing
Keyword: Wang Anyi, novel creation, existentialism
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: 2014 (1)
Wang Anyi emphasizes on the presentation of her characters' living spirit. In all her feminism novels the most important feature is her understanding,her concerning and her thinking of the basic living problems of women. She describes the feminine worries of existence,such as the loss of feeling,the sexual depression and puzzle. She is very good at depicting the deep-seated and ever-present sense of loneliness in her characters. Wang Anyi tries to deconstruct this kind of loneliness by human original ways of language communication and the exchange of ideas between the two sexes. The characters in her novels are always seeking the root of existance to place their drifting destiny. A strong sense of existence has been well expressed in her novels and existentialist philosophical subjects such as loneliness and quest have also been well explored.
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