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Subject: Study on Yoga: from Experience to Contemplative Understanding of Life Philosophy
Author: WANG Juan;WANG Aimin
Keyword: yoga, experience, contemplative understanding
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: 2014(1)
Yoga is an ancient spirituality concept which can help us improve our physiological and mental health. In this study,document literature and interviews were used and a cross analysis of yoga practice and life philosophies executed in order to explore the effects of yoga practice. The findings are as follows:(1) Yoga breathing lets us experience the real meaning of ‘slow’which represents a kind of mentality of generosity,gentleness,calm and is the antithesis of the search for fame and wealth. At the same time,it makes life simpler and purer. The nature of‘simple’ is to achieve spiritual richness through a simplified material life.(2) Body posture practice is a way to find and understand one’s self and one’s body.(3) Names of yoga asanas containing the understandings and blessings of ancient yoga sages teach us gratitude and love.(4) Meditation can help us observe ourselves,clarify our thinking,reduce stress,help us be more dedicated and make better judgments.
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