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Subject: Applying Reasonable Reliance Protection to Marital Relations
Author: HE Lixin
Keyword: marriage parties, reliance interest
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: 2014(1)
Marriage which is based on the marriage parties' mutual positive trust is a form of gender integration for man and woman which aims for a permanent relationship.After marriage,the concerned parties bring forth a trust relationship,so as to provide each other consciously with benefits,carry out promised obligations,and become involved in the investment of trust materially and emotionally for the purposes of maintaining a close relationship.Marriage is a way to obtain marital property rights.The marriage parties are entitled to the commonality of marital property rights after marriage,and jointly handle indispensable marriage property as part owners,and it is a positive way of protection to apply the reasonable reliance principle to the marriage.If a dissolution of the marriage is due to one party,it’s also necessary to apply the principle of reasonable trust protection to give the innocent party financial compensation,which is a negative way of protection,to apply reasonable reliance to the marriage.
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