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Subject: Policy of Protecting Women's Employment Needs Improving
Author: PAN Jintang
Keyword: Policy, Women's Employment
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: 2014(2)
According to Chinese law,employed women in the period of pregnancy,childbirth and lactation cannot be fired by employers,but similar protections for women currently seeking- employment are non- existent.The author believes that it is necessary to explicitly impose restrictions on employers,stopping them from asking job- seeking women questions about marital status or pregnancy.In addition,employers should be barred from passing over a female candidate because she is pregnant.The specific opinions are as follows:first,employer rejection of pregnant job- seekers should be defined as gender discrimination.Second,employers should take on a certain amount of social responsibility for pregnant workers.Additionally,the government should also consider it a duty to support pregnant workers,and this responsibility should be greater than that held by enterprises with pregnant staff members.Third,the legislation regarding the protection of pregnant women should be unified.With the stipulation that‘it is forbidden to use pregnancy as an excuse to refuse a job offer to a female candidate’,in order to realize the aim of employment equality between men and women.Otherwise,the existing laws of China aimed at protecting working women in the period of pregnancy,childbirth and lactation can be considered hollow and insincere,making the situation palpably unfair to women.
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