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Subject: The Influence of Field Cognition Mode on Female University Students' Mental Rotation Ability
Author: QIU Xiang;PAN Yali;NIU Yong
Keyword: field cognition mode, female university students
Newspapers published: Journal of China Women's University
Issue No. original: 2014(3)
Using 2×4 mixed experimental design,with composite letters as stimuli,cognitive style and rotation angle as variables,accuracy rate and reaction time as dependent variables,this research explores the effect of field cognition modeon femalecollegestudents' mentalrotation.Theresultswere: accuracyrateand reaction timeshowed significant main effects of rotation angle,reaction time increased with the increase of rotation angles,and accuracy rate decreased with the increase of rotation angles.Accuracy rate showed a significant main effect of cognitive style,the accuracy rate of field independent female university students was significantly higher than field dependent female college students,but reaction time did not play any significant major effect in cognitive style.This study provides a new perspective for understanding relationships between cognitive style and the gender differences in spatial ability.It can also serve as a reference for education and training of women's spatial ability.
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